About The Club

So you’ve found our club page but are still confused. Just what is this “West Coast Swing” and what is this club? We’re glad you asked and even more glad to answer your questions below:

What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing is a contemporary, sophisticated dance that can be danced to a wide variety of music styles and can be fast and funky or slow and sexy. There is nothing “retro” about West Coast Swing – it’s happening & it’s hot! Unlike other dance styles, it allows great latitude for both leaders and followers to interpret the music by varying the rhythm and adding their own individual styling.

Imagine how, in the roaring 20’s, people would dance to the popular music of the day – big band music. This was how “Swing” music came about. West Coast Swing is today’s answer, dancing to a variety of music, a lot of which you’d probably hear on the radio.

West Coast Swing is danced in a rectangular area called a “slot” with leader and follower moving back and forth in the slot with a smooth elastic movement that is characteristic of West Coast Swing. West Coast Swing encourages an intimate relationship between the dancers and the music. This is a dance you can take to any night club in town and have a blast while you shine on the dance floor.

What is the BC Swing Dance Club?

The British Columbia Swing Dance Club is a  registered non-profit club founded in 1997 and is dedicated to the learning, promotion and enjoyment of West Coast Swing dancing. The Club welcomes people of all ages and dance backgrounds and is open to both members and guests.

Dances are generally held once a month at the Confederation Centre in North Burnaby. The smoke and alcohol-free room offers a beautiful hardwood floor, lots of free, well-lit, off-street parking, a comfortable seating area, and a friendly atmosphere where everyone dances with everyone else. This is no meat market, just people who love to dance!  In addition to our dances, we also host periodic workshops and other special events. See  www.bcswingdance.ca/index.php/dance-dates for our schedule.

But I don’t know how to dance!

Good news! We offer free 
beginner lessons and other workshops with local and visiting instructors several times each year. We can also refer you to lessons taught by  Vancouver’s top swing dance teachers. The BC Swing Dance Club 
is the perfect place to sample all of the various teachers and choose the one that you 
like best. Visit http://bcswingdance.ca/index.php/learn-to-dance/ to get a head start and sign up with them for a series of  lessons to expand on your skills.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No! THIS IS SOCIAL DANCING AT ITS BEST.  We all dance with each other. Women are encouraged to ask men to dance as well as vice versa. Club dances, which go from 8 pm to midnight, feature mixers that give everyone the chance to dance with everyone from first timers to pros.  Many of Vancouver’s top West Coast Swing pros come to the club to dance socially – when they are not busy teaching at dance conventions all over North America.

What kind of music do they play?

West Coast is danced to music styles including, among others blues, pop, hip hop, funk, and Motown. Our deejays typically choose from a variety of music styles. While the majority of the music played is best suited to West Coast Swing, our deejays also play salsa, cha cha, night club 2-step, country 2-step, east coast swing and an occasional waltz. They also happily take requests, so if you’re itching to try to dance to that hot new song on the radio, let them know!

Do I have to join the Club?

Guests are always welcome. But, membership gives you a discounted admission at all our dances and events, including our fabulous Christmas Dinner and Dance – which is not to be missed! You also get discounted admission at our sister clubs in Seattle, Spokane, Eugene, and Portland.

How much does membership cost?

A standard 1-year membership is only $15 and includes reduced admission prices to all our 
regular dances and special events.

Regular dance admission is $10 for members and $13 for guests, and we offer a discount to students with ID.

Come dance with us!

Swing dancing is FUN, healthy, a great workout, and a fantastic way to meet tons of great people! You have nothing to lose & everything to gain!