BC Swing Dance Club Board Nominees

The BC Swing Club couldn’t run without the hours of dedication of its executive board. Here are the brave souls who have agreed to run for the 2018 BC Swing Dance Board

To make a nomination (yourself included), fill out the following form and give it to any current board member, either in person of by email:  Nomination Form.pdf. Note that you can still make nominations at the election, but the nomination committee is actively trying to fill all board positions and would be pleased to know how many may need to be filled.

For more information, see this document: Information for Potential Nominees to the Board of BC Swing Club

Wyatt Ritchie -Running for President

With a year and a bit of experience as Vice President, Wyatt is ready to step up to the big leagues. He has strong organizational and problem solving skills, doesn’t mind public speaking, and believes that the position of president is one who serves the BC Swing Club’s best interest, and not the other way around. He is willing to work hard to make the club the best it can be, and brings leadership experience from his time as the president of a Toastmasters club, various positions at work, and as an executive for the UVIC ballroom club.

Amanda Brubaker – Running for Vice President

Amanda started west coast swing less than 3 years ago and has been dancing in one form or another most of her life (even if it’s just alone in the living room, which she still does daily).  As an adult she’s spent more than a decade developing varied experience in salsa, ballroom, modern jive, blues, fusion, and country 2-step, but loves WCS for the variety of music, freedom of expression, and community here in the Lower Mainland.

Amanda has years of experience in running weekly dance events and workshops, wrangling volunteers, and keeping gear boxes organized. She loves the friendly and inclusive atmosphere of the BC Swing Dance Club and wants to become more active in the club and help in ensuring its continued success.

Evelyn Wu – Running for Treasurer

Evelyn is running for a second term as the treasurer of the BC Swing club, which is a relief, as her mastery of keeping the clubs finances clear and readable to non-accountants has been just short of wizardry. She brings plenty of experience on past volunteer boards, including time on her sons’ Parent Advisory Committees, once as Treasurer, time as the Director of Publicity for the Burnaby Barracudas Swim Club, and time spent as the nursery coordinator at her church.

Beyond that, she has over 40 years of experience in the accounting field, which has shown in the past year as treasurer.

Ella Young – Running for Secretary

Ella has been dancing just about every style for the past twenty years. Though her roots are strongest are in ballroom, Ella has been dancing WCS for 5 years, including several years of classes Urban Beat. She regularly attends WCS events, and loves the music and people so much that she feels it’s time to help participate more actively in helping the community grow and thrive.

When not dancing, Ella works full-time as a healthcare executive. Her career has spanned several jurisdictions, including healthcare, insurance, and energy. She is widely published and a highly evaluated presenter. She has (somehow) also found the time to volunteer on many boards, including the BC Risk and Insurance Management Society, Miscellaneous Productions, and an adult care center and hospice society.

Her quantitative acumen and skills in managing business processes and initiatives will be invaluable to help the Club achieve its strategic goals for 2018.

Edoh Y. Amiran – Running for Director

Edoh has been dancing WCS fairly regularly since 2008, participating in regional workshops and conventions. For over 5 years he’s been a part of the informal steering committee for a WCS dance group in Bellingham, Washington, where he sends out announcements and maintains their website. He also takes part in discussions on running workshops, renting venues, and similar matters for the Bellingham dance. He has participated (responsibly!) in contract negotions and in formulating policy while serving on committees at his workplace, and has been a volunteer at various organizations.

Rick Gillespie – Running for Director

Rick is (hoping to be)back! You may not think you’ve heard of him, but if you’ve been on social media and seen something from the BC Swing Club, that’s Rick. Rick brings experience from helping to run the Rock Mountain Swing Dance club. He also hasan crazy amount of ability in social media campaigning, helping to consistently bring in high attendance during the 2017 Swing Club dances.

Vickie Langford – Running for Director

Vickie is running again for a position as director. Over the past year she has taken on many roles within the club to help out running dances and events, including the all-important role as transportation and storage master of the club’s “stuff”.

Vickie loves the music, people, and the fun physical fitness that dance provides her. She is usually on the dance floor and rarely stops until the night is over.

When not dancing, Vickie runs a vending business that her and her husband Rob started 29 years ago. Her variety of skills and eagerness has helped the BCSDC prosper in the past year, as she hopes it will for many years to come.