Learn To Dance

Below are links to popular instructors and dances in the greater Vancouver area

 Learn West Coast Swing with Michael and Amy

Michael and Amy teach regular classes in Burnaby to an ever growing crowd. Their style is fun and infectious, mixing the latest moves with the core techniques needed to become a great dancer. Their tireless dedication to their students guarantees success. Don’t miss this one!


Urban Beat Dance Co., (927 Granville Street, Vancouver)

Urban Beat offers a comfortable place to practice what you’ve learned in your group classes. Hosting excellent DJs and playing exclusively West Coast swing, this is a perfect place to get out on the dance floor in between BC Swing Dances:

Sunday 8:45-11:00PM, Swing Dance, $5


Learn to dance with Ian Kirkconnell

Ian Kirkconnell has probably taught dance to half of the dancers in Vancouver. Knowledgeable in a huge variety of partner dancing, Ian has taught some amazing dancers and can teach you too.

Contact Ian Kirkconnell on Facebook, via email at iankirk@shaw.ca or phone/text at 604-812-5032

DJ Jason Brown

Our friendly neighborhood Swing Dance song-slinger, DJ Jason Brown also hosts a few events around town. Want to know where? Sign up for his newsletter or check out his calendar here: http://westcoastdance.ca/

Pamela Podmoroff

Pamela Podmoroff is a talented multi-dance instructor who wants to teach YOU how to West Coast Swing (and shag, and night club twostep, and freestyle dance, and…) For further information on her classes contact Pamela at pamelamore2001@yahoo.ca

Tessa Cunningham Munroe and Myles Munroe

Our (local) Canadian Champions, Myles and Tessa offer private lessons, mentorship, and a huge repository of knowledge. Want to upgrade your swing? Start here:


UBC Swing Kids

Are you a student a UBC? Easy! Check out the UBC Swing kids website, offering West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop classes at affordable student rates. Meet people outside of your degree and have a blast while doing it.



SwingLab is held every Friday at the Roundhouse in Yaletown and features a cast of rotating instructors. Supported by local champions Myles and Tessa, these sessions offer two levels of classes from some of Vancouver’s best crop of up-and-coming instructors.

“Improvers” classes run from 7-8, “Intro to WCS” classes run from 8-9


Bellingham West Coast Swing

Are you our Southern Neighbor? There are dances for you too!

Bellingham West Coast Swing dances take place Tuesdays at VFW Hall, Post 1585, at 625 N State St in Bellingham from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. For directions check out http://bellinghamwcs.org/.

Participants in the dance practices are asked to contribute 5 dollars. This and all other funds collected go towards expenses.